3 young healthcare professionals


The MediCarrera team

We have ten to twelve full-time teachers and childcare staff during the course periods working on our training courses for doctors, their partners and children and we have six recruiters who work full time, four of whom are psychologists.
Three of our staff work full time on relocation and other practical matters relating to integration and there is a customer account manager for the destination countries for which we are selecting candidates; Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


Mats Ignell

Mats Ignell
founder and partner


  • Bachelor in Business Administration from Växjö University, 1994.
  • Founded MediCarerra 2003. Main responsibility, recruitment.
  • Managementkonsult, first at Kundskaparna Research AB 1994-1996 and then self employed until 1999.
  • Established SparaPengar.se in Spain in 1999, and was president of the company's spanish branch AhorraDinero.com until the sale of the company in 2002.
Nina Paulsson

Nina Paulsson
founder and partner


  • Bachelor in Communication Studies, Mittuniversitetet, Sundsvall, 1992.
  • EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program, Boston, 2015.
  • Founded MediCarerra 2003. Main responsibility for training and customer relations.
  • Worked in communication in health care and medicine at Södersjukhuset, Stockholm, (1997-1999), Vitea – a healthcare company (1999-2000), Apoteket AB (2001), consultancy for Zestica (A-com) and Hill & Knowlton (2002).
Susanna Sjunneryd

Susanna Sjunneryd
account manager Sweden


  • Master European Programme Södertörns högskola (2006) – economics, sociology, history, ethnology with specialisation in human geography.
  • Advisors International Studies Open Hearts International, Bogotá, Colombia (2007-2008).
  • Until July 2009 Susanna was an administrative officer at Netherlands Business School, when she began her employment with MediCarrera.
Anda Stoicescu

Anda Stoicescu
team leader recruitment, psychologist


  • Bachelor in Clinical Psychology at Bucharest University, Romania, 2006.
  • Master’s degree in clinical psychology, University of Barcelona, 2010.
  • From January 2011, recruitment consultant and team leader at MediCarrera.
  • 2008-2010, assistant at the Master programme, Faculty of Psychology, University of Barcelona.
  • 2006-2008, personnel officer, Warwick s.l., Barcelona.
Sofia Hedman

Sofia Hedman
team leader relocation and account manager


  • Master in International & European Affairs, Linköping University / Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (2013).
  • Bachelor of Public Law, Södertörn University (2011).
  • From 2014 responsible for MediCarerra customer contacts and relocation.
Johnny Ropero Audouard

Johnny Ropero Audouard
head teacher, Swedish


  • Swedex test leader training (2015).
  • Swedish as a second language, 30 p (2015).
  • Teachers degree, Linköping University (2007).
  • Teacher for MediCarrera since 2014. Responsibility for the further development of MediCarrera's course concept and implementation in collaboration with other teachers.
  • 2008-2014 Swedish teacher, SFI, the Municipality of Norrköping.


Sara Dencker

Sara Dencker account manager Denmark

Linn Grönberg

Linn Grönberg course coordinator

Kamilla Nilsen Tveit

Kamilla Nilsen Tveit account manager Norway

Tova Hansson

Tova Hansson relocation specialist

Marisa Törnros

Marisa Törnros relocation specialist

Rebecca Lilford

Rebecca Lilford course coordinator/sales assistant

Dóra Kántor

Dóra Kántor recruitment consultant

Justyna Markowitz

Justyna Markowitz recruitment consultant

Irene Martínez

Irene Martínez recruit­ment consul­tant, psychol­ogist

Natalija Prokopjeva

Natalija Prokopjeva recruit­ment consultant

Noemi Sanz

Noemi Sanz finance manager

Edgar Tijhuis

Edgar Tijhuis recruit­ment consultant

Verónica Aparicio

Verónica Aparicio recruitment consultant

Kajsa Törnroos

Kajsa Törnroos recruitment consultant

Aneta Smolik

Aneta Smolik recruitment consultant

Matina Koulourioti

Matina Koulourioti recruitment consultant

Silvia Campaña

Silvia Campaña finance depart­ment

Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson data analyst intern

A project for the entire family

MediCarrera kindergarten staff

Nina, Carina, Rehana, Åsa, Helima and Sabina are taking care of all the children and teaching them Swedish/Danish in Calafell

Childcare staff

For those clients who want to offer childcare during the intensive course we have a team with native Swedish, Danish or Norwegian speakers.


MediCarrera has experienced and trained educators working on the courses. All head teachers are certified test managers for B2 level according to the Council of Europe scale.

Csaba, who teaches Swedish to doctors' partners

Csaba is our Swedish teacher for spouses.

Medical advisor

For questions regarding the suitability of candidates and the quality of education in different countries we consult with our medical advisor when necessary. We have doctors, dentists and nurses from different specialisms who work with us as external consultants.

Number of employees

Today the company has a total of 25 employees.