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We find the right candidates

Map of Europe showing where MediCarrera has recruited candidates for work in Scandinavia

WE HOLD continuous recruiting activities in all countries where there are qualified candidates. Using our broad base of healthcare professionals, we select those that we believe have the best prospects for the current service and a good outlook to establish themselves and thrive in Scandinavia. We present candidates to the client who decides who should be called for an interview and workplace visits.

Presentation of the candidates includes:

  • CV
  • Profile based on personality test
  • Description of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, hobbies, family situation, professional goals and interests, the areas which do not interest them, reasons for their desire to move to Scandinavia and MediCarrera’s review and comments
  • References.

MEDICARRERA HAS A TEAM from the main countries in which we operate, participating in conferences for medical professionals and interviewing candidates. The goal is always to have a sample of interested candidates large enough so as to find applicants with a suitable family situation, leisure interests and lifestyle that fits well with the future place of residence. We take into account, too, partners’ profession or need for school and university.

We have four full-time psychologists who assess candidates’ and family members’ motivation and maturity to cope with the problems and difficulties that participants will face when moving to Scandinavia. We always consider both candidate and partner.

We recruit in 14 European countries

MediCarrera recruitment consultants at work

Cátia from Portugal, Dóra from Hungary and Justyna from Poland, some of MediCarerra's recruitment consultants.

PERSONAL SUITABILITY and the right family conditions are crucial if employ­ment is to be pro­longed. During MediCarrera’s twelve years exper­ience, we have developed an understanding of the ideal candidate profile, of who will have good long-term prospects for integration and satisfaction in Scandinavia.

Our broad base allows us to choose candidates whose family members are equally suitable and where the partner is a pro­fessional with good work prospects. When possible we recruit doctors and nurses whose partner also works in health care. These policies are usually the most reliable for the employer and partic­ularly if the candidates have young children. With our approach, 40 percent of participants in recent years have had a partner who is a doctor, dentist or nurse. With our extensive selection activities and our family concept we have seen that around 90 percent of our foreign selec­tions have stayed after two years, once they had passed the most critical period.