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About our candidates

THANKS TO OUR EXTENSIVE presence, we find candidates whose entire family meets our criteria and whose partner is a professional with good prospects for finding work.

I remember that in Den­mark, in the first days one of my new colleagues spoke to me in English and I had to explain to him that he should not. It is very important to remember that the language to be spoken is Danish. Otherwise you will not continue to improve.

Dimitris, psychiatrist from Greece

Motivation, openness and social competence are important qualities for successful integration in a new country. On the professional level, we look for a desire for change, learning and flexibility. We evaluate how and where a candidate has worked, the size of the clinic and the candidate’s recent experience in the work areas required by the job specification.

We already had a good level of Danish when we came to Denmark. In fact, we felt that we were a little better than those who came from other agencies.

Camelia child and adolescent psychiatrist from Romania

We recruit from all the European countries where there are opportunities to find qualified doctors, dentists and nurses. Currently we select in Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia and Germany.

Jorge, paediatrician, and Mercedes, an ophthalmologist from Spain

Mercedes, Jorge and family in Sweden

MERCEDES AND JORGE travelled from Spain to Sweden in February 2013read more . . .

Miriam Lezcano, neurologist

Miriam Lezcano, Spanish neurologist working in Denmark

MIRIAM from Alicante in Spain and her Italian husband, Massimiliano, moved to Denmark in June 2016.read more . . .