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The most successful language programme on the market

The teacher was the best teacher I’ve had in my entire life! I did not think it would be possible to learn Swedish in such a short time but, in fact, after four months, we were speaking fluently. It was absolutely amazing! My first patients in Sweden could barely believe me when I said that I had been there only a month and had started language studies six months previously.

Agnes Csuth, general practitioner

WE PROVIDE an intensive course also for the physicians’ partners and children of school age and childcare when needed.

Step 1: The programme begins with a preparatory part-time, 12-week distance learning phase which requires a minimum of 7 hours of study per week.

Step 2: A training course of 17-19 weeks in general and medical language. The course is very intensive and is conducted in small groups with a maximum of twelve participants. The goal is to reach level B2 on the Council of Europe scale.

A family project

Family with bicycles

THE MAIN REASON that a physician decides to return to their home country is that the partner does not feel comfortable or that older children have had a difficult start in the new school. This is why we provide full-time language teaching for partners and children of school age and why we provide childcare for the youngest so that both parents are able to study.

For us, foreign recruitment is a project for the whole family and must be integral to the recruitment to be successful. Our experience shows that the easiest to integrate are young families with young children.