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The language course for all the family

IT IS IMPORTANT for us to prepare the whole family for the move to a new country and through our 13 years of experience we have learned that this is the key for a quick integration. Therefore the whole family is included in the language programme. If there is an exception for any of the offers regarding the possibilities for kinder­garten and language course for children, this information will be given before the study tour.

Teacher and student on MediCarrera language course The course is very intensive, full-time and lasts 16-20 weeks. It provides you with the knowledge and vocabulary needed to commu­nicate with your future colleagues and patients.

The conditions during the intensive language course are: free apartment with furniture, flight tickets for the whole family, each candidate (doctor, dentist or nurse) who has a signed guarantee of employment will get an allowance of 700 Euro net monthly and an additional 70 Euro monthly for each child under 18. The course is free. Children will be offered the language course and the youngest will have kindergarten with Swedish, Norwegian or Danish speaking staff at the same time.

At first I also had a colleague next to me and someone always went through the descriptions I wrote in order to check that everything was correct.

Amra, radiologist from Slovenia, working in Norway

During the language course you will get help with the application for the medical degrees, finding your first home, as well as finding schools and kindergarten and organising the transport of furniture.

Continuing studies

The course continues in Sweden, Norway or Denmark. There will also be a course in medical language for doctors and a course on medical legislation after at least six months.

Three students on a MediCarrera language course

INTENSIVE LANGUAGE courses begin four to five times per year. They are held in our international course centres where we have trained more than 400 doctors, nurses and dentists in medical language from Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal and Spain since 2003.