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Winter swim - the right person for the right job

The interview trip was very well organized. We were shown around and had the opportunity of seeing both possible places to live and places to practice our hobbies. MediCarrera handled all the practical issues related to the move. With two dogs we were con­cerned about finding a house to rent but with MediCarrera it was easy.

Petra, child psychiatrist from Slovenia.

FOREIGN RECRUITMENT can be a difficult and risky project. We seek and identify candidates with the greatest potential to be successful and we give them the best opportunity to integrate quickly in their new workplace.

Foreign Recruitment is a family project

If the whole family speaks the language from the beginning, they will enjoy their new environment and will be more likely to stay. For this reason, MediCarrera gives full-time language training to partners and school-age children. And to give both partners time to study we also provide childcare for younger children.

We take care of all the practical tasks

In the recruitment phase our psychologists conduct in-depth interviews, make personality assessments, we check on references and organise the candidate’s interview trip to Sweden with hotel, transportation, sightseeing and visits to schools and kindergartens.

During their training we apply for IDs and specialist certificates, arrange housing and apply for schools and other child care. We also organise the move and help the new employee with the practical issues that may arise.

90% remain in their position after 2 years

MediCarrera has recruited and language trained more than 400 doctors, dentists and nurses for Scandinavia since 2003. Approximately 90% of our candidates have stayed in their jobs after two years. The key reasons for our success are that we attract the best possible candidates, we apply a rigorous selection process for matching candidate / town, and we have developed a solid, effective language training and integration process for the whole family.

Since September, MediCarrera is pleased to collaborate with the global job aggregator Jooble