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About MediCarrera

The MediCarrera team, assembled at the office in Barcelona

SINCE 2003 MediCarrera has selected and trained in a Scandinavian language more than 400 European specialist doctors, dentists and nurses for Swedish, Norwegian and Danish clients. To date, in Sweden, 14 county councils have contracted our company's services, all five regions in Denmark and three out of four regions in Norway.

We began by recruiting Spanish specialist doctors, especially primary care physicians and established a course centre outside Barcelona in 2003. We now also hold courses in Budapest and in other locations when necessary.

Following the European Union enlargement we began to recruit in the new member states. We have recruited healthcare professionals from Hungary, Poland, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia and the Netherlands.

We are ISO certified and are a test centre for Swedex.

MediCarrera is a reliable partner for inter­national recruitment

“We have created an organisation and a concept that attracts the best candidates and our family-oriented programme offers them a proven opportunity to integrate in society.”

Nina Paulsson and Mats Ignell

Nina Paulsson and Mats Ignell founded MediCarrera in 2003 and are the company's partners.

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